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Obtain registration certificate of premises for food stuff  (5) expand_more expand_less
Obtain registration certificate of premises for food stuff copy  (11) expand_more expand_less
Obtain registration certificate of premises for cosmetics  (5) expand_more expand_less

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Summary of the procedure

Institutions involved 4 expand_more expand_less

TBS Services Online Application System (x 5)
Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) (x 5)
Tanzania Medicines and Medical Devices Authority (TMDA) ( Eastern zone office) (x 5)

Results 4 expand_more expand_less

Premise registration permit
Registration certificate of premise
Business permit of a premise (TFDA)
Premise registration permit

Required Documents expand_more expand_less

Tax Identification Number certificate (x 4)
Business licence (x 3)
Premise layout sketch (x 2)
Sketch location (goggle map) (x 2)
TBS invoice (x 3)
Stamped bank deposit slip (x 4)
Mobile money text as proof of payment
Non manufacturer's premises initial checklist (x 2)
Application form for premise registration
Application form for licence
Memorandum and articles of association
Certificate of incorporation
Commitment letter
Sketch location of the premise
TMDA profoma invoice
TMDA receipt
Certificate of analysis of products
Material safety data sheet
Product label or picture

Estimated cost TZS  1,100,000

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TZS expand_more expand_less
  • TZS Add Name Here
TZS 200,000
Food registration fee for supermarket and tourist hotels large scale
TZS 50,000
Inspection fee for food registration
TZS 100,000
Food stuff premise registration fee
TZS 600,000
Registration fee for meat and meat products
TZS 150,000
Premise registration fee for retail cosmetics shops

Total Duration 9d - 18d  expand_more expand_less

  Min. Max.
Total time (sum): 9d 18d
of which:
Waiting time in queue (sum): 10mn 1h. 15mn
Attention at counter: 1h. 50mn 4h. 5mn
Waiting time until next step (sum): 8d 17d

Laws 5 expand_more expand_less

Guidelines For registration and licensing of food premises Guidelines for registration and licensing of food premises
  Sections 1, 2
Premise registration Premises registration fees (TBS)
TFDA fee and charges regulation Tanzania Food, Drugs and Cosmetics (Fees and Charges) Regulations, 2015 First schedule
  Sections 4, 5, 7, 12
The Finance Act, 2019 The Finance Act, 2019
  Section  17
THE TANZANIA FOOD, DRUGS AND COSMETICS ACT, CAP 219, 2003 The Tanzania Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 2003
  Sections 5 (h), 18, 20, 21
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